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Cigarette Tax Stamp MachineJ.C. Maintenance is quickly becoming a leader in the cigarette tax stamp machine industry providing sales, service, parts, glue, used equipment, emergency service and technical phone support. We are insured and fully qualified to service all of your Redstamp or Meyercord tax stamping equipment with diligence, integrity and pride. We also offer a full line of material handling products including conveyors, strappers and custom fabrication to assist with your entire warehouse product handling requirements.

JCM offers 24/7 phone support 365 days a year!

Cigarette Tax Stamp Machine Service, Parts and Glue

J.C. Maintenance carries a full inventory of parts needed for servicing your cigarette tax stamp machine and for your on-site spare parts supply, our service technicians also carry a well-stocked inventory of all the parts you should need for your machines while on-site. We are confident that we can save you money on your parts which are of the same or better quality as the OEM parts. Many of our parts have been redesigned to make them more efficient and reliable resulting in less costly repairs and downtime.


At J.C. Maintenance we take immense pride in driving the wholesale cigarette industry forward focusing on quality parts, glue and service for your cigarette tax stamp machine along with focusing on solutions to make your material handling operations more efficient.


At J.C. Maintenance we expect our quality standards to be held high in every area of our business. We believe we are in a league of our own and that we are moving the entire cigarette tax stamping industry forward to a level of customer satisfaction that should be expected from our customers. J.C. Maintenance has become synonymous with having the highest quality service department available.


J.C. Maintenance is quickly becoming known for its value, dedication and reliability which we provide to our customers who are on an Annual Service Agreement. Our growing list of testimonies can attest and assure you that our customer service is second to none along with the quality of our 24/7 technical phone support, immediate attention to any emergency situations that may arise, and to the lengths that we will go to make sure you are 100% satisfied with the quality of the help and service you receive from J.C. Maintenance.