Cigarette Tax Stamping Machine Services

Cigarette Tax Stamping Machine Services

J.C. Maintenance offers a wide variety of services to satisfy all of your requirements in your cigarette tax stamping machine department. At JCM we are passion driven with dedicated personal that strive to provide each and every one of our valued customers the very best service and products available and always promise to communicate on a level of honesty, respect and understanding. We want to have a long term relationship with each of our customers and we promise to always build our business with integrity to help make you more productive and efficient.

Cigarette Tax Stamping Machine Services

Below is a complete list of tax stamping machine services offered by J.C. Maintenance. If you have any questions feel free to call us at (616) 481-0921 or email us here.

Field Service

JCM offers the cigarette tax stamping machine industry the highest quality field service technicians available to all 50 states and we pride ourselves on being second to none. We have been recognized as one of the hardest working and most dedicated field service companies in the country. Our service technicians have installed equipment from Guelph Ontario Canada to Montello, Mexico and in all 48 lower states. Call (616) 481-0921 or email our service department today for answers to your field service questions or to schedule your next service visit.

Preventative Maintenance

Does your tax stamp machine constantly break down? Do you have employee’s standing around waiting for someone to fix it? We can help you with one of our preventative maintenance programs. We offer high quality preventative maintenance service agreements to fit your specific needs and to save you money. We currently have customers on bi-monthly service, quarterly service, bi-annual service and annual service. We can custom tailor any preventative maintenance program to fit your specific needs. Call (616) 481-0921 or email our service department today for your next service quote.

Emergency Service

JCM is available for those unexpected machine breakdowns when you need to have your machine running ASAP. Call our service team at (616) 481-0921 to schedule your Emergency Service Appointment.

Phone Support

JCM offers 24/7 phone support 365 days a year and is always free to our service agreement customers. Many times we can help you with a simple adjustment that can save you the time and money of a service trip.

Machine Parts

JCM carries a full inventory of parts and we are ready to ship them to you today for all your cigarette tax stamping equipment. Our service technicians also carry a large supply of parts needed for all your specific machines. We carry OEM parts as well as reengineered parts to be more efficient and cost effective. Call us for a quote or email us here.

Hot Melt Glue

JCM works side by side with one of the industry’s highest standard hot melt glue manufacturers in the country to get you the same exact quality glue you have come to know at extremely fair pricing. We can sell you glue by the box, glue by the skid, or glue by the semi-truck load. Call (616) 481-0921 or email our sales department here for your quote on your next glue purchase.

Machine Reconditioning

JCM can rebuild and recondition your machine to bring it back to a ‘like new’ condition. Do you have a spare machine that needs to be rebuilt to be ready as a back-up or to resell if it is just gathering dust? Ship us your equipment and let us rebuild it to your specifications.

Head & Assembly Rebuilding

Send us your stamp heads, stop assemblies and other parts to be rebuilt and reconditioned at our shop so you will always have a back-up assembly ready to exchange when something breaks. Our technicians will bring your assemblies back to a ‘like new’ condition and to factory specifications.

Machine Installations, Uninstallations and Relocations

JCM is available and qualified to help you in all areas of moving your machines from their current location. We can also help you design your production area to better optimize productivity and efficiency. If you are moving to another location we can uninstall your machine and palletize it for safe shipping and be ready to set it back up at your new location.

Cigarette Tax Stamping Machine Sales

JCM has many customers that are either trying to sell their excess equipment or looking to purchase some additional equipment to keep up with their growth. Let us help you by finding that piece of equipment you need or to sell your unneeded equipment.

Conveyor Systems

Are you paying your employees to handle your product? Do you have a need to get your product from point A to point B but just aren’t sure how? Are you expanding your current conveyor system? Let JCM help you solve all your conveyor needs with any number of our quality solutions. Our technicians are knowledgeable and certified in conveyor installations and service work, and we work with some of the best conveyor manufacturing companies in the country. JCM offers a full range of conveyor products from single accordion style gravity feed conveyors to fully stop and go powered conveyor systems and a complete line of belts, motors, and rollers. Call (616) 481-0921 or email our dedicated sales team here for your next conveyor system need or quote.