About J.C. Maintenance

Tax Stamp Machine

J.C. Maintenance Inc. was founded in 2012 as the result of cigarette wholesalers requesting more experienced service technicians and reliable service for their cigarette tax stamping machines. After drawing up a business plan and examining the details, they decided that they could provide these cigarette stamping agents with a better value with what they felt was a better preventative maintenance program.

Tax Stamp Machine Maintenance & Service Agreements

We now have a proven track record and we are confident that we can give you the customer a better value and will be able to better maintain your tax stamp machine on a more consistent basis so there is less down time and fewer emergency calls. We can customize a service agreement for your machines or service you on an “as is needed basis”, but our goal is to convince you that our experience shows that being on a regular scheduled maintenance agreement will benefit you over the course of a year. All of our customers that initially signed on for a service agreement have now resigned for at least another year as they have experienced the savings and contentment we have given them. We strongly believe that a regularly maintained tax stamp machine is much more efficient and prevents the emergency service calls that so many are accustomed to in the past.

Professional & Passionate Service Technicians

Our service technicians are professional and passionate about their work and will thrive to do a complete maintenance procedure on your tax stamp machine and we will never rush out without the customers consent. After our service work is complete they will stay with the operators for several hours to assure that the machines are tuned in and operating correctly, this also gives them time to connect with the operators and to teach them procedures to better operate and adjust the machines. We feel as though if we can make the operator of the machine happier by having a better running machine then they will in turn be more productive for your company.

Organized & Labeled Spare Parts

We also like to encourage the customer to allow us to assist them in setting up an organized and labeled spare parts area so the spare parts can be managed better. This helps keep the customers parts ready and accessible when needed, saves money by not having to ‘rush’ delivery a part to them, saves money by having a controlled inventory of each item and prevents loss of items from not being stored as they should be. A small part can be worth several hundred dollars so it is very important to keep this managed so we believe it makes sense to store these items in a cabinet that we can supply. J.C. Maintenance Inc can also provide you with used tax stamp machine equipment and can assist you in selling equipment that you no longer use.

Jim Rabourn

Jim was one of the founders and original owners of redstamp in 1998 and was very instrumental and hands on in the development of the first redstamp machine and also being awarded patents on the design. Being the CFO and VP for 13 years gave Jim the experience and knowledge of these machines and the business through every aspect from building and servicing many of the first machines to helping the company grow through the years. Jim was awarded many National Awards including 2009 Michigan Small Business Person of the Year and also helped redstamp become recognized for its growth by Entrepreneur Magazine and Inc Magazine. Jim left the company in 2011 to pursue other dreams and ventures but decided to once again look at an opportunity. After researching the possibilities of fulfilling the requests from previous customers he felt there was definitely a need to once again get the quality of service to the customers back to a higher level which they were once accustomed to.


A Message From J.C. Maintenance Inc.

2013 was a very exciting year for us as we have grown and have earned the respect of many customers in 17 states and we are excited to see what 2014 has in store for J.C. Maintenance Inc; we hope to be able to earn your business as well. J.C. Maintenance Inc does not want to have to drag you away from your current service supplier if you are content with the level of service you are receiving, but if you would like to give us a try and see for yourself if we offer a better value then we encourage you to have us give you an introductory service visit at a reduced rate. We always guarantee our work and expect to have 100% satisfaction from you the customer. If you have any question feel free to call us at (616) 481-0921 or email us here.