Tax Stamping Machine FAQ

Have more questions about our services? Read our FAQ area below to view our most frequently asked questions about our tax stamping machine products and services.

Is J.C. Maintenance a legal and insured company?
Yes J.C. Maintenance is a legal S-Corp and is fully insured.

Does J.C. Maintenance have experience working on the redstamp equipment?
The founders of J.C Maintenance Jim and Chris have nearly 3 decades of experience working on cigarette tax stamping equipment, most of that time working on the redstamp equipment.

Does J.C. Maintenance offer parts for the redstamp machines?
J.C. Maintenance keeps a full inventory of tax stamping machine parts and glue on hand at all times.

Does J.C. Maintenance have any used equipment for sale?
Yes we do have used equipment available, inventory does change daily so please inquire here.

What is the quality of glue compared to the OEM glue?
J.C. Maintenance offers the same exact glue that originally comes with your redstamp machine, we also offer other brands if you choose.

Does J.C. Maintenance have phone support for its customers?
J.C. Maintenance has phone support available for its customers and is available when you need help.

Does J.C. Maintenance offer service contracts?
J.C. Maintenance offers a variety of ‘service agreements’ to fit the customer’s particular needs.

Does J.C. Maintenance offer emergency service?
Yes, J.C. Maintenance offers Emergency Service.

Does J.C. Maintenance offer service in all states?
J.C. Maintenance offers service to all 50 states including Hawaii and Alaska.

Does J.C. Maintenance offer any other maintenance such as installation or relocations?
J.C. Maintenance does offer installation and relocations. We offer the customer a complete solution to their needs.

Can J.C. Maintenance offer any help to organize the customer’s spare parts?
Yes, we want to help you keep a supply of the spare parts on hand that you need without overstocking with parts that are not needed.

Does J.C. Maintenance offer any storage cabinets for spare parts?
Yes, we have several different cabinets and storage shelves available to fit your budget.

Can J.C. Maintenance supply any references from current customers?
Yes we can supply a list of references upon request.

Does J.C. Maintenance also service other brands of stamping equipment other than redstamp?
We have had many requests to also service other equipment and we are discussing that at this time.

Can J.C. Maintenance assist us in selling or acquiring used tax stamping machine equipment?
Yes, we have an inventory of used equipment for sale that changes frequently and we can also help you sell yours.